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Get your Own Custom Fitness Programs. Models are more than just pretty faces. Among other things, Ziff has set up a confidential system for models to report inappropriate conduct or other abuses during New York Fashion Week, which opened Thursday. The trade group gave her fledgling nonprofit a boost when it issued its annual pre-Fashion Week plea to designers and model wranglers to keep photographers at bay when models are changing backstage and to keep girls under 16 off the runways by checking IDs. Ziffs alliance isnt a union but an effort to persuade models to take control in an industry where theyre often treated as a commodity - "like choosing a gallon of milk at the deli," she said. It also calls for booking agents not to lie about the ages of the models they represent and for agents to work with parents of high school-age models to draw up an on-the-job education plan. Efforts have been more modest in nn preteen teen girl models U. The CFDA held workshops on eating disorders and recommended that designers offer healthier snacks backstage and require those with eating disorders to seek professional help if they want to continue modeling.

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